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Getting Started

JIRA Extension Points


If you are familiar with extensions to workflows from Jira Server, then some of the concepts here are a little different. Post Functions, Conditions, and Validators can be added to workflows, giving you increased control over how and when an issue transitions.

Navigate to Workflow Functions

  1. Click the Cog in the sidebar to open the Settings menu and select Issues.

  2. Select Workflows from the side menu under Workflows.

  3. Click Edit on the workflow you wish to add or edit a workflow function.

  4. In the Diagram view, select a transition. A list of workflow functions is displayed. Click the function type you wish to edit/add, for example, Conditions.

  5. The Transition screen shows a list of all conditions set up for this transition. Click Add Condition.

  6. Under Add Condition to Transition a list of available conditions is shown. Select the ScriptRunner Script option from the menu and click Add.

workflow functions gif