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ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud Release Notes

22 Apr 2020

  • Menu items have been consolidated in the UI to improve navigation. Escalation Services, Script Variables, and Script Fragments are now found under the More drop-down.

7 Jan 2020

  • Added ScriptRunner Script Conditions and Validators that can be added to a workflow transition.

2 Sep 2019

  • UI update to improve discoverability of example scripts and features using the Browse page.

15 Nov 2018

12 Nov 2018

  • Added Condition expression to Script Listeners. To evaluate the condition the Evaluate JIRA Expression API is used. In case the result of the expression does not equal boolean true is returned the code will not execute.

23 Oct 2018

  • Added in a new Script Console example script which shows how to set the value for a custom date picker field.

17 Oct 2018

  • Updated the Differences to ScriptRunner for Jira Server page to include a comparison matrix of the differences between the two versions.

16 Oct 2018

  • Added in a new Script Console example script which shows how to set the value for a select list custom field.

12 Oct 2018

  • Added in a new Script Console example script which shows how to set a value for the due date field.

26 Sep 2018

  • Added in a new Script Console example script which shows how to create a subtask.

13 Sep 2018

  • Update all examples using the Notify rest API to add a note stating that this API contains a limitation where users cannot notify themselves.

10 Sep 2018

30 Aug 2018

  • New feature!
    The Audit Log now shows all the actions that have happened within the ScriptRunner admin pages so you can review who created/updated/removed a Script Listener, Scheduled Job or Setting.

29 Aug 2018

28 Aug 2018

21 Aug 2018

  • Fixed the 'Email Notify on Priority Change' example for Script Listeners

  • Fixed bug so that Script Listeners now require selecting at least one event

  • Added new example of 'Update a resolution on an issue' on the Script Console page

8 Aug 2018

  • New example of 'Create a remote issue link' on the Script Console page

3 Aug 2018

  • New examples of retrieving different field values on the Script Console page

30 July 2018

25 July 2018

24 July 2018

23 July 2018

  • Example of retrieving value from select list field on Script Console page

12 July 2018

11 July 2018

  • Bug fix for scripts that throw errors

6 July 2018

  • Bug fix for the Script Context so text can now be copied from the information box

5 July 2018

  • Increase the maximum attachment size we can handle to 10MB

4 July 2018

29 June 2018

  • Speed up display of built-in scripts and workflow post-functions

21 June 2018

  • Modified Agile functions to support providing board ID instead of board name

20 June 2018

18 June 2018

12 June 2018

  • Bug fix and performance improvements for the Clone Issue post-function

31 May 2018

  • Bug fix for Clone Issue post-function when cloning many attachments

28 May 2018

  • Improvements to Clone Issue post-function to make it more resilient

24 May 2018

21 May 2018

9 May 2018

  • Add Agile functions to Enhanced Search.

  • Add inSprint agile function. Usage: issueFunction in inSprint("board name", "sprint name").

  • Add nextSprint agile function. Usage: issueFunction in nextSprint("board name").

  • Add previousSprint agile function. Usage: issueFunction in previousSprint("board name").

8 May 2018

  • Switch from com.mashape.unirest to io.github.openunirest as it is being maintained more actively

  • If there is an error parsing the request response, Unirest will no longer throw an exception, but will return an HttpResponse instead.

2 May 2018

  • Extend dateCompare function with .clearTime() field function in Enhanced Search. Usage: issueFunction in dateCompare("project = SRCLOUD", "updated.clearTime() = resolutiondate.clearTime()").

27 April 2018

  • Extend dateCompare function with , >= and != operators in Enhanced Search. Usage: issueFunction in dateCompare("project = SRCLOUD", "resolutiondate != customfield_10500").

20 April 2018

  • The Script Context in Script Listeners displays also the events that each parameter is available for, based on the selected events. In the case where a user selects the Issue Updated and Comment Created events, the comment parameter is only available for Comment Created events and not for Issue Updated events.

19 April 2018

10 April 2018

  • Changed default value of frequency of filter synchronization. Default value is now 5 minutes, previously it was 1 minute.

5 April 2018

29 March 2018

  • Updated the configuration link in Manage Add-ons to point to the Settings page.

  • Bug fix sorting Execution History data tables

28 March 2018

22 March 2018

  • Increased amount of data available in Execution History

  • Bug fix for storing execution logs

21 March 2018

  • Display execution logs directly in Execution History page

  • Correctly display user that triggered a script

20 March 2018

14 March 2018

8 March 2018

  • Removed Diagnostics & Settings page

7 March 2018

2 March 2018

1 March 2018

21 February 2018

  • Added Execution History page to view execution histories in graph and table views for Script Listeners, Post-Functions, Scheduled Jobs and Escalation Services.

20 February 2018

14 February 2018

  • Improvements to notification emails on script failures

9 February 2018

5 February 2018

  • Extended project filtering option for Script Listeners by comment and issuelink related events.

30 January 2018

  • Added new navigation between features

29 January 2018

12 January 2018

11 January 2018

  • Added setting that enables users to store Script Listeners, Escalation Services and Scheduled Jobs in ScriptRunner Cloud Storage. The limitation of 32KB does not apply on scripts stored in ScriptRunner Cloud Storage. Once this option has been enabled it can not be disabled again and scripts will no longer be included in Jira exports. Please create a support ticket to have this setting enabled on your instance.

15 December 2017

  • Split Diagnostics & Settings page into two separate pages: Logs and Settings

11 December 2017

  • Bug fix for issue polling popup notifications

22 November 2017

  • Optimised Enhanced Search page to validate queries faster

15 November 2017

  • Bug fix for loading script variables

7 November 2017

  • New feature!
    The Escalation Service allows you to define a process for modifying issues after a certain amount of time has elapsed or on an interval.

  • Script Listeners can now be filtered to run against specific projects only. Only applies for issue and project events.

6 November 2017

  • In Diagnostics & Settings page, added ability to enable/disable issue polling notifications.

  • The browser now asks you to confirm leaving a page with unsaved Script Listener/Scheduled Job/Escalation Service configurations

3 November 2017

  • A warning has been added to Enhanced Search page if the ScriptRunner Add-on user has incorrect permissions

  • New items added to Script Listeners/Scheduled Jobs/Escalation Service now appear at the top of the page

  • Additional request throttling added to JQL Keywords synchronization process to reduce performance impact

1 November 2017

31 October 2017

  • Bug fix for editing Script Listeners

30 October 2017

24 October 2017

  • Enabled "full-screen" code editing

  • Bug fix for removing Scheduled Jobs

23 October 2017

  • Improved indication of when script executions occurred

20 October 2017

16 October 2017

  • New feature!
    Scheduled Jobs allow users to run code at specific times of day/week/month or on an interval.

12 October 2017

  • Make script context variables much more accessible

9 October 2017

  • Draft changes to scripts are stored in your browser in case you accidentally refresh the page.

22 September 2017

12 September 2017

5 September 2017

  • Bug fix for versionMatch JQL function

29 August 2017

  • New option in Diagnostics and Settings page that permits configuring the frequency of filter synchronization.

18 August 2017

  • Fixed 'Add/Remove from Sprint' Workflow Postfunction. Now it works even if the board has more than 50 sprints.

8 August 2017

  • Fixed fetching execution log results in Diagnostics and Settings page

  • If your scripts are triggered by events invoked by another addon, they will be run as a ScriptRunner user even if you set it up to be run as current user, because it’s not possible to impersonate other addon users. We assume that a user is an addon user if its name starts with a prefix 'addon_'.

28 July 2017

  • Added ability to view saved values for Script Variables

27 July 2017

  • Added ability to set Link Direction for Clone Issue Post Function

24 July 2017

  • Added support for issuesInEpics and epicsOf JQL functions to find issues related to epics

21 July 2017

  • The 'Create Subtask' workflow Post Function now only executes your code if the transition issue is not a subtask.

7 July 2017

  • Workflow Post Functions are stored compressed to allow larger configurations. The limit for compressed Workflow Post Function is 32K. It is backwards compatible so execution of the current Workflow Post Functions is not affected. To compress the configuration, you have to press Save button on each Workflow post function. All new Workflow Post Functions are stored compressed.

26 June 2017

  • New feature!
    ScriptRunner Enhanced Search now provides the same JQL functions capabilities in the Cloud as in the Server. Read more about the new feature in our documentation.

14 June 2017

  • Added support for new events: issuelink_created and issuelink_deleted. Now you can use them in Script Listeners. They are dispatched when an issue link is either created or deleted.

13 June 2017

  • Error notification emails now contain script identifiers. Additionally emails for Workflow Post Function failed execution contain transition details.

7 June 2017

  • Script listeners are stored in JIRA property compressed to allow storing larger scripts. The limit for compressed Script Listener is 32K.

5 June 2017

  • Added an example of an aggregate expression to sum up time estimates per user for a sprint in the Script Console.

25 May 2017

  • In Diagnostic page, added new option of selecting excluded user groups. Notifications will not be sent to assignee or reporter, if they are a member of at least one of these groups.

22 May 2017

  • Added new post function - 'Assign issue'. It assigns the issue to last assigned user in a specified role or from user groups. Please read more about it in our documentation.

22 May 2017

  • Added a new page: Script Variables. On that page you can specify script variables that are injected into all your scripts.

18 May 2017

  • Enabled CTRL-F for searching in the code editor

10 May 2017

  • Bug fix for Clone Issue post function. A component is correctly set in cloned issue if the component name matches with one of components in target project.

18 April 2017

  • Added list of issues that failed to sync due to insufficient permissions on JQL Keywords page.

14 April 2017

  • Added returning partial logs when the script executes for too long and it terminates.

13 April 2017

  • Added transtionId field to 'Fast-track Issue' and 'Transition Parent Issue' workflow post-functions. You should use this field rather than transition name if the 'Hide From User' Condition is configured on the transition.

04 April 2017

  • Added attachment_created and attachment_deleted event handlers, now available in Script Listeners with attachment binding

27 March 2017

  • Example email template added to documentation for Send Notification post function

20 March 2017

  • New feature!
    JQL Keywords is (finally) ready for launch after several months development.

10 March 2017

  • In Diagnostic page, added new option of searching for logs. You can search for execution logs by specifying logging level, e.g. when you search for WARN level logs you will see records with WARN, ERROR, FATAL levels. See more about levels hierarchy.

3 March 2017

  • Improved code linting to take into account the fields available on issues. Fewer false errors should be seen for code that interacts with issues.

28 February 2017

  • Document an example of linking issues

  • Fixed bug in showing error line numbers in logs

27 February 2017

20 February 2017

  • In Diagnostics page, added ability to enable/disable sending notifications to Assignee and Reporter of an issue in case a script fails to execute. By default the sending to Assignee and Reporter is enabled.

14 February 2017

  • Bug fix of displaying logs in Diagnostics page. All logs are displayed correctly and search on Log Message provides exact match of searched string

24 January 2017

  • Bug fix for Clone Issue post function. It is now possible to not specify a link type in order to not create an issue link between the original issue and the cloned one.

19 January 2017

  • Added a more helpful error message when the ScriptRunner Add-on User may be required

13 January 2017

  • Bug fix for caching settings on Diagnostics and Settings page

3 January 2017

  • Bug fix for Javascript in IE

22 December 2016

  • Added new Description field to post functions, for easier differentiation

12 December 2016

  • Added a new built-in function: Bulk Fix Resolutions - documentation

1 December 2016

  • Bug fix Clone issue post function when issue is in the sprint, to exclude the cloned issue from the sprint remove the customfield representing the sprint from fields in additional code e.g. issueInput.fields.remove('customfield_10002')

30 November 2016

  • Bug fix the overrideScreenSecurity in Modify Issue Workflow post function for Addon user to be set to true

28 November 2016

  • New setting on the Diagnostics & Settings page that allows configuration of the default timezone in which scripts will execute

25 November 2016

  • Added a new workflow post function: Add/Remove issue from/to active sprint - documentation

9 November 2016

  • Bug fix for incorrect worklog binding

7 November 2016

  • Bug fix for loading long scripts

  • Fixed reported bug when the issue binding for Modify Issue post function was not present

  • Added transitionInput as binding in workflow function available in Condition and Additional script. It represents the transition object for the issue containing fields: 'to_status', 'workflowName', 'transitionId', 'from_status', 'workflowId', 'transitionName', 'transitionId', 'workflowId'

3 November 2016

  • The SR Diagnostics page in the admin section has been renamed to Diagnostics & Settings

  • A new Settings section has been added to the Diagnostics & Settings page allowing configuration of the group that will receive email notifications on script errors

1 November 2016

  • Bug fix for the Clone Issue post function so that it now respects the configured target issue type

  • Improved logging for the Fast Track post function in case of failure

27 October 2016

  • Bug fix for execution user. ScriptRunner add-on user is used if no user configuration exists

21 October 2016

  • Use site-admins user group instead of jira-administrators user group for email notifications

7 October 2016

  • Improve reporting and documentation of script execution limits

6 October 2016

  • Scripts can now be run as the user that initiated a particular action e.g. a workflow transition, instead of all scripts being run as the ScriptRunner add-on user