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The Execution History page is a feature, which allows you to view all your script executions in a single page, presented either as a graph or a table.

Viewable executions include Script Listeners, Scheduled Jobs, Escalation Services and Post Functions.

Viewing the graph will show if the script was executed successfully or had failed. Hovering over each bar will display a tooltip displaying the time run and a description of the script. Viewing in table mode will provide a more detailed analysis of the execution history of each script.

Graph View

All histories diplayed are from the previous 24 hour period and in graph view each segment represents a 30 minute block.

Here is a list of the items that a Execution History table can include:

  • date of execution

  • execution status

  • name

  • correlation id

  • time to execute

  • issue

  • executor name

  • execution event

  • workflow name

  • initial workflow state

  • transition type

  • number of issues run against

Table View