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The bridge is a Javascript library that allows your scripts in the "web panel" feature of ScriptRunner to obtain information about the issue that users are viewing and also to use the Jira REST APIs.

If a script provides HTML/CSS/JS URLs then the bridge is automatically injected, but it will need to be manually injected for single URL Web Panels.

The bridge serves as a wrapper for the Jira AP module and allows your scripts to communicate with Jira.


The bridge is automatically injected into the page as a global variable, which can be accessed via window.AdaptavistBridge and window.AdaptavistBridgeContext.

The AdaptavistBridge object provides access to the request property for making HTTP AJAX requests. The AdaptavistBridgeContext object provides a context property for obtaining the project and issue keys.


The request property on AdaptavistBridge is a function.

This function takes an object as an argument that includes url and type properties, plus any of the other options from Jira’s AP Request options, for example:

requestOptions = {
    url: `/rest/api/2/issue/${AdaptavistBridgeContext.context.issueKey}`,
    type: 'GET'
The url property should be a relative url to a Jira REST API and the type property should be one of the following HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE


The context property on AdaptavistBridgeContext is an object that can have the following possible properties:

These properties allow accessing the Jira APIs with these given properties

Here is an example of what the context object might contain:

AdaptavistBridgeContext.context = {
    projectKey: 'SHOP',
    issueKey: 'SHOP-1',
    location: 'atl.jira.view.issue.right.context'


The bridge will make a request to the Jira REST APIs with an issue key taken from the context object:

    url: `/rest/api/2/issue/${AdaptavistBridgeContext.context.issueKey}`,
    type: 'GET'
    .then(d => {
        console.log('data', d)

This request will receive all the data for this issue.


Users must have correct permissions set in the corresponding applications to view displayed content in the iframes.