Getting Started

JIRA Extension Points


Extend and Automate JIRA via built-in or your own customised groovy scripts

  • ScriptRunner for JIRA allows you to enhance your JIRA workflows and respond to JIRA events with your own code.

  • ScriptRunner for JIRA makes administering your JIRA instance a breeze.

  • The following are just some of the areas where users can extend and automate JIRA, there are many many more …​.

Enhance your Workflows

Enhance your JIRA workflows with built-in or customised scripts for Condtions, Validators or Post Functions.

Administer all your JIRA Projects

Use any of the many built-in admin scripts or write your own

Respond to JIRA Webhook Events

Take action when issues are updated, versions are created, sprints close and many more.