Getting Started




The Script Variables is the place where you can specify variables that can be injected into your scripts (Script Console, Script Listeners, Script Jobs, CQL Script Jobs). Those variables are encrypted and stored in your Confluence Cloud instance. You can use them to share common variables between your scripts or to store sensitive data like passwords that require encryption rather than hard-coding them in scripts directly.

Please remember that variable value has a type String, even if the value is a number.

Naming convention

Variable names must follow these rules:

  • start with a letter

  • only capital letters are allowed

  • only digits and underscore character (_) are allowed


Length limit for variable:

  • name is 32 characters

  • value is 128 characters


Now let’s define a script variable with name MY_FIRST_SHARED_VAR with value 'testValue' and run the below code:"My variable has a value: " + MY_FIRST_SHARED_VAR)

You should see the log with content:

INFO - My variable has a value: testValue

Let’s define a variable with name NO_RETRIES with value '5' and run the below code:


The result will be 510 (string concatenation), rather than 15.