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ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud Release Notes

Version 1.1.0

Part of the ScriptRunner family, ScriptRunner for Confluence gives you the power and flexibility to customise, extend, and automate Confluence.

Offering a wide range of code-free, built-in features and the ability to create your own customisations, ScriptRunner is the must have Confluence app.

Some of the benefits of ScriptRunner include:

  • Add your own scripts to Confluence

  • Have you ever wanted to create functionality without writing a full app ScriptRunner’s script console allows you to execute custom actions in Confluence using Groovy. Reduce your admin workload

  • With 8 built-in scripts, ScriptRunner makes maintaining your Confluence instance easier and more efficient.

  • Automate Regular Tasks

  • Schedule tasks to run at specific times, automating functionality and taking advantage of low demand periods.

  • Integrate with Jira and other systems

  • Automate functionally, promote good practice, and ensure tasks/content doesn’t slip through the cracks by integrating Confluence with your other apps.