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Groovy Version Upgrade

Date of Change: 17th June 2020

We will be upgrading the version of Groovy that your scripts run on from 2.4.17 to 2.5.12.

We do not anticipate any significant changes in behaviour to your scripts.

Release notes are available on the Groovy website and some specific breaking changes are described in the version 5 release notes.

New URL for Frontend Assets

Date of Change: 24th March 2020

To align with Atlassian Cloud app security requirements, the frontend URL for assets (JS, CSS, and images) will be updated imminently. Cloud instances using a cloud firewall may encounter problems due to this change.

We advise all users with a cloud firewall to ensure the following URL is whitelisted:


For more information on this change, or if you are having ongoing issues, please contact Adaptavist Support.